COVID 19 Practice protocol

We continue to observe the following protocol based on guidelines from the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and our professional body, the Institute of Osteopathy, Public Health England and NHS.

Please do not make an appointment if: -

• you have experienced symptoms of COVID 19 in the past 7 days and have received a positive lateral flow test and/or a positive PCR test.
• a member of your household has/had symptoms of COVID 19 and is isolating or has been in contact with someone with suspected COVID 19 who is isolating.
•you develop loss or change to your sense of taste or smell, have a high temperature or high fever and are feeling generally unwell.

We continue to wear face masks, plastic aprons and gloves, and socially distance where possible during the consultation.
After each patient we will follow a sanitising regime of cleaning surfaces, door knobs, replacing the PPE we are wearing, aerating the room and at the end of each day, steam cleaning the carpets. In order to practice safely we have reduced patient numbers, increased consultation time to 40 minutes, follwed by an aeration and cleaning regime as detailed in our risk assessment between patients. Should two family members living at the same address request treatment, this would be classed as one unit.

Please arrive on time and if coming by car, wait until we call you in. We appreciate that you may need to use the bathroom before treatment, please feel that you can come in and do so.

If arriving on foot, via public transport or taxi please wait in the waiting room and observe social distancing where necessary.
If you are coming to your appointment with a friend or family member, where possible ask them to stay in the car or if using the waiting room, please observe social distancing and avoid any crowding. 

If you have a mask, please wear it unless your are exempt and then use the hand sanitiser before entering the house.
If possible, we would appreciate payment by BACS, contactless card or cheque.

Please be aware that with the introduction of the NHS Track and Trace service for COVID-19, the normal rules of data protection and patient confidentiality will not apply where necessary.

Thank you for your consideration
Lynette Taylor & Clover Sterling

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